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The post office in Spain is called Correos (from Latin currere = to run). Even in smaller communities you can still find a post office, which is often only open in the morning until 2 pm. In big cities, the main post offices are often open until 8 pm or even 10 pm. On Sundays, the post office is closed in Spain, on Saturdays, one is often already from about 13 o’clock in front of closed doors.

The Spanish post is considered to be quite reliable, but rather slow. A postcard or a letter to Germany takes on average one week. There are many public post boxes. These are marked with the Correos logo:

Many post offices in Spain have long waiting times. This is why it is better to buy stamps in tobacco shops. Sometimes also shops sell the postcards sell stamps („Sellos“, whereby the double-L in Spanish is always pronounced like a J: „Sejos“).

Different postage (prices) for postcards and letters are unknown in Spain. A letter or postcard currently costs just under 60 cents to send to European countries.

In Spain, too, the postal service has now faced private competition, which, however, has not (yet) been able to establish itself nationwide, as in Germany.

Letters or parcels can be sent to Spain for post storage. The international term for post office is „Poste Restante“, in Spanish „Lista de Correos“. Both terms are understood by the Spanish postal service.

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