Puerto Banus

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Puerto Banus is a port near Marbella in the south of Spain. It is mainly a place for celebrities and the rich. Hardly any other place in Spain offers so much luxury. Not a few yachts in the port of Puerto Banus are worth many millions. Many of the surrounding hotels, restaurants and clubs belong to the absolute upper class. The name Puerto Banus goes back to its builder Jose Banus. He built this luxury harbour at the end of the 60s, during the Franco dictatorship in Spain. Many millionaires and noblemen celebrated Puerto Banus after its completion in spring 1970. The upper class had a new meeting place in the south of Spain. This has remained so to this day. Puerto Banus was later expanded.

The average citizen or tourist comes to Puerto Banus mainly to admire the wealth of others. Hardly where in the world can you see so many ships of the absolute upper class, mostly hundreds of millions of yachts lie in the harbour in Andalusia near Marbella. Many of the luxury boats belong to Arabs and Russians.

Puerto Banus is best known for its nightlife. Here you can easily spend a few thousand euros in one evening. The large amount of money attracts many less wealthy, handsome young women, especially from Latin America. Some of the bars, clubs and restaurants in Puerto Banus are among the best and most expensive in Spain. Many fashion boutiques display their high quality goods. Of course, well-known chains such as Gucci, Bulgari or Versace are also represented.

For the normal visitors, Puerto Banus offers restaurants with affordable prices, especially in the second and third row, thus approximately 50 metres away from the harbour. Also McDonalds and Burger King have settled here. A few meters further behind the harbour there is a big department store (El Corte Inglés). In summer, it is supposed to be one of the department stores with the highest turnover on the Iberian Peninsula.

If one is so poor that one has neither a Porsche, a Ferrari nor another vehicle, one can also get to Puerto Banus by public transport. From and to the bus station of Marbella, the line 79 runs approximately every 30 minutes. Between the city centre of Marbella and Puerto Banus there are the buses of the lines 1, 78 and 79. In Marbella there is a central bus stop at the main street Av. Ramon and Cajal between the oldtown and the park Alameda, approximately 150 metres away from the promenade. Next to the bus stop there is a large sign, visible from a distance, a 24-hour pharmacy. The buses between Marbella and Puerto Banus are often crowded. Our impression is that Marbella has poor public transport. But the fare is cheap, about 1,30 Euro just for the 6 kilometers from Marbella to the port. The bus of the line 1 goes to the harbour, the other two bus lines stop at the expressway next to Puerto Banus.

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