Lloret de Mar

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Lloret de Mar is the party place for the youth on the Costa Brava in the north of Spain. Hardly any of the tourists who come to Lloret de Mar every season are over 25. Older tourists who get lost here usually shake their heads over the drinking kids and leave quickly.

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The party mile is 1-2 blocks behind the long beach of Lloret. Many hundreds of hotels fight for guests in the low season with cheap offers and are often fully booked in summer. In the bars and nightclubs of Lloret de Mar you can party until morning. There are more fast food restaurants than anywhere else in northern Spain, there is little real local cuisine. All in all, Lloret de Mar is like a little ballerina for young people. Lloret de Mar is certainly not suitable for everyone, but if you are looking for a party holiday including beach and sun where „what’s going on“, this is the right place. In winter, Lloret is a quiet holiday resort, also suitable for people over 25 and one of the few places in northern Spain where there is something like winter tourism.

Places of interest Lloret de Mar

If you are looking for historical sights or Spanish culture, Lloret is the right place for you. However, the wild coast of the Costa Brava is suitable for walks, hikes and bicycle tours. The roads are partly very steep and the climbs along the wild coastline are very long, especially on a bicycle one should be fit. Some beautiful villas in and around the town, as well as castles and chapels are often visited by tourists.

Lloret is also not a bad starting point for day trips, especially if you have a rental car. The other places on the Costa Brava as well as Barcelona and Figueres are suitable for a day trip. The beaches in the place are good, but especially the long main beach in the centre of Lloret is overcrowded in summer.

Excursions to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona (day trips)

Especially from Barcelona day trips to Lloret de Mar by bus and / or ship are offered. Mostly other places are visited like the beautiful Tossa de Mar with its old town and castle. Tossa is also known for the Sa Roqueta fishermen’s quarter and good restaurants, especially fish taverns. Very popular is a combined bus trip from Barcelona to Lloret and Tossa with a boat trip by jet boat from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar. More information about this day trip (8 hours) to the Costa Brava can be found on this website.

Approach Lloret de Mar

There’s no railroad in Lloret. So the most important means of transport is the bus and not the train. From Lloret de Mar there are many buses – e.g. to the surrounding villages, to Barcelona, Girona and Figueres. Lloret de Mar does not have an airport. Many holidaymakers arrive via the airports Barcelona or Girona. But not a few of the young holidaymakers from Germany also come by car or decide on a bus trip to Lloret de Mar. No other big holiday resort in Spain can be reached so quickly by land from Germany, even if the motorway through France is long. Bus trips to Lloret de Mar with accommodation are often very cheap from Germany. If one is young enough, one can endure the long bus trip and the party atmosphere in the bus.

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