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The city of Estepona forms the western end of the Costa del Sol in the central south of Spain, a very touristy stretch of coast. It is a larger and more beautiful holiday resort, which is especially popular with families. In winter the average age of the guests in Estepona is rather high, many long-term holidaymakers spend the winter in one of the southernmost and warmest cities in the European Union. Estepona does not have many sights to offer, but there are beautiful and long beaches. There are also many day trips from here, e.g. to Gibraltar (part of Great Britain), Marbella, Malaga or the ancient city of Ronda. Estepona is about 35 km east of Gibraltar and about 70 km west of Malaga.

Overview: Estepona, like Torremolinos and Fuengirola, has about 70,000 inhabitants. Only Malaga and Marbella are much bigger cities on the Costa del Sol. At the wide sandy beach in the center of Estepona is a beautiful promenade with tropical plants.

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Only a few metres behind you find the old town with its small alleys. Estepona has, in contrast to other places on the Costa del Sol, an intact old town centre. In these alleyways, the citizens of Estepona have come up with a beautiful little thing: they have hung flowerpots in the alleyways, in every street in a different, uniform colour. Thus the alleys are colloquially called after the colour of the flowerpots, for example „yellow alley“, „green alley“, etc.

Directions: The small airport Gibraltar is only 30 km away. Most holidaymakers from Estepona land at the much bigger airport of the Costa del Sol. There are a few express buses daily from this airport to Estepona. Alternatively, one can also change buses in Marbella. To Marbella there is a bus from Estepona every half hour during the day. They stop at the bus stops in the centre along the beach. The new bus station of Estepona is unfortunately 2 km outside in the direction of Marbella (east). From here there are buses every 1-2 hours to La Linea de la Concepcion, a town on the border with Gibraltar. You can cross the border on foot. There are also buses to Malaga, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. Even more distant places like Madrid are served by bus, Estepona does not have a train station yet. But there are plans to extend the railway Malaga – Fuengirola to Estepona or even to Gibraltar.

Hotels and food Estepona: In the center there are a large number of taverns and restaurants. Many Spanish dishes are offered, for example in the form of tapas. International fast food can also be found in Estepona, e.g. Burger King has settled directly by the sea. Our favorite among the cheap accommodations in Estepona is the Hostal El Pilar Estepona in one of the alleys in the city center. A double room with bath, WLAN and much more costs depending upon season starting from 35 euro. It is a family business with about 17 rooms. Above all, the location at the car-free Plaza de las Flores (flower square), one of the most beautiful places in Estepona, is great.

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