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Terra Mitica in Benidorm (Spain) is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. The focus of the theme park is on rides such as giant roller coasters, white-water rides and drop towers as well as replicas of ancient buildings and cities around the Mediterranean. The park is divided into five zones. These are: ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, ancient Greece, Iberian Peninsula and the islands. For most visitors, the most important thing is the fun and adrenaline rides. There is also something for children.

Admission Terra Mitica

The entrance fee to an adventure park of such size as Terra Mitica is, of course, like everywhere else in the world, not cheap. But there are some possibilities to reduce the entrance fee. The following prices refer to the year 2009 and are of course like everything on this website without guarantee:

Regular prices one day Terra Mitica: adults and children over 12 years: 39€, children 4-12 years and seniors over 65 years 28€. (As of early 2022)

In high season prices are about 10 euros higher. Those who buy tickets in advance on the Internet pay a few euros less. Disabled people get a special price at Terra Mitica (20 euros). Parking costs another 5 euros for a car. All prices at the beginning of 2022.

Opening hours Terra Mitica 2023

The park is open every day only in summer. In winter you can visit Terra Mitica only on certain days, mostly on weekends. After Christmas, Terra Mitica is often closed completely for a few weeks. The amusement park on the Costa Blanca opens in the morning at 10:30. Depending on the season, the park closes differently! In winter, Terra Mitica is currently open until 8pm.

Approach Terra Natura Benidorm

From Benidorm there are very often normal city buses to the leisure park Terra Mitica, which is about 4 km away (just 1,15 Euro).

Terra Mitica even has a train station. All trains on the line AlicanteBenidorm stop here. However, the station is about 2 km from the entrance. At least during my visit in winter there were no buses from the train station to the entrance, so I had to walk for about half an hour. It was better to take the train to the main station of Benidorm and change there to a city bus to the park.

By car you pay high parking fees (7 Euro). There are plenty of parking spaces. There is no possibility to park for free or cheaper somewhere nearby due to the lack of other parking spaces.

You can walk from Benidorm for at least an hour. At the exit of the Terra Mitica there are mostly some taxis waiting.

Description Terra Mitica

Rides: Probably the most famous attraction is the Magnus Colossus, one of the largest roller coasters in Europe. The ride is over 1000 meters long and 36 meters high. You can reach almost 100 km/h! You can also prove your courage on the white water ride “Cataratas del Nilo” or in the 60 meter high drop tower “Vuelo del Fenix” in the Terra Mitica. There are still many other such rides among other things several roller coasters. A boat trip through the park is quieter. Also carousels and other rides for children are available in large numbers.

Other attractions: Many historical buildings have been reconstructed. But one should not expect any history lessons in the Terra Mitica, in the foreground is the show – like many mine after American model. There is a show with old Roman horse races.

Gastronomy at Terra Mitica: The gastronomy was also partly adapted to the theme areas – so there is a good Greek restaurant in ancient Greece. In addition to the restaurant, there are many snack stalls (French fries, hot dogs, etc.) and vending machines. Several shops sell gummy bears, chips and much more.

Service charges Terra Natura

As already mentioned, the parking lot costs 7 Euro. But this was my only negative surprise concerning the prices in the Terra Mitica! Especially the restaurants in the Terra Mitica are cheaper than in many German amusement parks. At a snack stall, a small portion of chips costs just 1.30€, a large hot dog 2.50€. Soft drinks in the vending machine cost €2, mineral water €1.40 (all prices from November 2009). Only very few events in the Terra Mitica cost extra (like the Pyramid of Terror).  All rides are included in the price. I also liked the free drinking water dispensers typical for Southern Europe, where you can fill your water bottle with tap water. Of course, if you want to save money, you can also take food with you.

Our tip: Ride the catamaran off the coast of Alicante. Short cruise (duration 2 hours) with drinks etc. for only 29 euros. Great experience, we liked it very much: >>> More informtion and booking

Tips and Conclusions Terra Mitica

You should come to amusement parks to avoid long queues at the rides, preferably on a day when there is not so much going on (better during the week than at the weekend).

The main thing at Terra Mitica is fun. There is little serious or historical information. Fans of shows, roller coasters, free-fall towers, white water rides and the like will get their money’s worth at Terra Mitica.

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Much of the information in this article is several years old. Prices were updated at the beginning of 2022.

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