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On this website we have put together some important travel information about Spain. It is mainly intended for Spain vacationers who want to discover Spain on their own – more for individual vacationers, less for package tourists. The focus of the travel guide about Spain is the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Mallorca and the Canary Islands. Further information about Spain will follow as soon as we have visited other regions.

Spain is an extremely popular tourist destination. More tourists travel to Spain than to any other Mediterranean country.

The severe economic crisis in Spain a few years ago has done little harm to tourism. On the contrary – it is one of the last economic sectors in Spain that was not deep in crisis. The economy has been recovering since 2015, with growth currently above 3 percent (2018 and early 2019). In 2021 there is a new rezesion because of the coronavirus pandemic,

Almost 70 million tourists come to Spain every year. The majority visit the coasts. Sun, beach and fine weather with full tourist infrastructure at affordable prices – this is about the recipe for success of tourism in Spain. More than anywhere else, tourists in Spain feel a bit at home. A tourism concept, which is adapted to the habits of the holidaymakers up to the kitchen, makes this possible. A holiday in Spain is considered to be easier and safer than in many other holiday countries. Further reasons for a stay in Spain are for example language courses, city tourism or hiking in the mountains. The travel information on this website is aimed primarily at the many sun worshippers and beach holidaymakers, the vast majority of tourists in Spain.

Almost all major holiday resorts in Spain are located by the sea. Examples are the islands Mallorca and Ibiza as well as the Canary Islands. On the mainland there are the coasts Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca in the north or the Costa del Sol in the south. We have also included travel information about city breaks in our website. Very popular among tourists are day trips from the big holiday resorts to Sevilla, Barcelona or Valencia.

There are about 45 million people living in Spain. That’s three-quarters of Great Britain. Nevertheless, the area of Spain is larger than that of Britain. So in Spain the population is much less populated. However, this applies above all to the interior of the country. Many Spaniards live on the coasts and on the large islands. In many places the coasts have been completely built over dozens of kilometres in the last decades.

We hope you enjoy reading the travel information. It is a private project. It does not claim to be complete. Mistakes and outdated information occur naturally in this travel guide. We are pleased about criticism and suggestions. Suggestions for improvement are of course always welcome!