Terra Natura in Benidorm

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The Terra Natura Park in the Spanish city of Benidorm is a private zoo with many interesting animals and attractions. Terra Natura is more than just an animal park – it is a modern zoo experience park. Here not only animals are displayed in enclosures – also the landscape, the plants and the buildings in the zoo are adapted to the respective theme region. The zoo is divided into the regions Asia and America (the two focal points) and Europe. There are similarities with the only zoo adventure park I know of in Germany – the Zoom in Gelsenkirchen.

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Entrance fees Terra Natura 2023

Since it is a private zoo, the entrance fee to Terra Natura is not exactly cheap. However, it is also offered a lot for it. The prices in detail as of January 202e (like everything on this website, of course, without guarantee):

>>>  Tickets are available online at this link

Admission Terra Natura 2022 Benidorm: adults 34€, children and pensioners (all people over 60 years!) 28 €, Those who come in the afternoon pays less (adults 26 euros. In winter (November to February) the entrance fee to the Terra Natura zoo is only 20 euros (for all season 2021 / 2022). Aqua Natura you have to pay extra, but there are combination tickets for the two theme parks. Parking costs 5 euros per car in 2022.

As far as we know, the Aqua Natura park is closed in winter from November to April, but the Terra Natura zoo is open all year round.

There are also cheap annual passes, which are of course less interesting for tourists.

Current note 2022 / 2023: The entrance fees to the theme parks have become only slightly more expensive in recent years. It is recommended to buy the tickets in advance on a German-language website, where you can cancel free of charge up to one day before the visit. The tickets for Terra Natura are available on this page.

.>>>  Tickets are available online at this link

Opening hours 2023 Terra Natura Benidorm

The amusement park is open at least from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.! Depending on the season, the opening hours can be extended to 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer evenings. The park is Terra Natura is also open in winter.

Terra Natura Benidorm

If you come by car you have to pay 4 Euro for the parking place. There is hardly a chance to avoid this, as there are no other parking places within a radius of 2 km. The Terra Natura Zoo is close to the motorway exit and signposted everywhere. Another huge amusement park (Terra Mitica) is nearby.

By bus: Several Benidorm city bus lines, such as line 1, go to Terra Natura.

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By train (narrow gauge): There should be a bus from Terra Mitica station to Terra Natura. At least in winter I didn’t see such a bus. Event. this connection is limited to the summer.

On foot it is a little far – at least 3 km from Benidorm. Along the busy streets it is not a nice walk.

Our tip: Ride the catamaran off the coast of Alicante. Short cruise (duration 2 hours) with drinks etc. for only 29 euros. Great experience, we liked it very much: >>> More informtion and booking

Description of the individual parts of Terra Natura

Asia: Besides America one of the two main parts of Terra Natura in Benidorm. Many of the zoo classics like tigers, elephants, hippos, snakes, monkeys, buffalos are present. The flora in Asia has also been adapted to the theme continent. The different plants, like the animals, are well described on information boards. However, all signs in the Terra Natura are only in English, Spanish and Catalan. Interesting is also the Indian village, where there is also a restaurant with Indian food. The gastronomy prices are (as mostly in adventure parks) slightly higher than outside the park, but are not completely out of the ordinary. I liked the curry dishes in the Indian restaurant.

America: The highlight for me here was the large birdhouse with at least 10 bird species. You can go into the large open-air enclosure with a net as a roof and great jungle planting. One has thus direct contact with the animals. A big parrot was funny, greeting guests with „hello“. Since the animals in the dense jungle have quite also retreat possibilities, one discovers also after longer time in the bird house again and again new kinds. The enclosure with the goats and llamas is also accessible

Europe: A smaller part of the Terra Natura Animal Theme Park is dedicated to Europe. Here, too, a large walk-in enclosure (with mouflons and deer) is the highlight.

Other attractions: One of the main attractions is the Bird of Prey Show, which takes place several times a day in a small stadium in the centre of Terra Natura Benidorm. These should not be missed in any case.

>>>  Tickets are available online at this link

Extra costs Terra Natura

Parking fees per car 5 euros (as of 2022). Camel rides (minimum 6 euros, summer only) and tightrope walking (minimum 4 euros) are some of the nice extras at Terra Natura for a fee. If you want, you can rent an electric scooter. Guided tours are also available for groups, of course, at an additional cost. Drink prices and food prices are rather high – though not totally exaggerated. Those who want or need to save can bring their own food to Terra Natura. There are even designated picnic areas.

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Tips and Conclusions Terra Natura

In summer, a weekday makes more sense than at the weekend, as the park is not so crowded then. In winter, a day at the weekend may make more sense, as not all attractions are open on weekdays in winter. On a Thursday at the end of November I was all alone in the birdhouse for 30 minutes, which of course has its advantages.

It is essential to buy tickets in advance if there is a discount (up to 4 Euro per ticket). If not, you can get your ticket to Terra Natura at the entrance.

In my opinion, the zoo was very successful. I especially liked two things: On the one hand you get closer to the animals by lower barriers than in most other zoos, you can even go into many enclosures. On the other hand, the landscape, buildings and plants are also adapted to the respective area of origin of the animals, which upgrades the Terra Natura from a simple zoo to an animal adventure park. Terra Natura is comparable in size to a larger German zoo. Whether these aspects justify the relatively high costs must be decided by each individual.

Note: Some parts of this article date from about 2021 and are no longer up to date. Among other things, admission prices and opening hours have been updated in 2021 to 2023.

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